Staffordshire LEP – Find out how Brexit may affect your business – and let us know

The Government has issued a series of technical notices giving businesses information on how Brexit may affect them in the event of no deal being agreed. The guidance covers everything from importing and exporting to product labelling, business regulations and workplace rights.

The guidance can be found here

Businesses are being advised to review each of the technical notices and consider what preparation they need to do in good time for next March’s EU exit. Businesses in any sector with a large volume of exports and imports with the EU could be particularly affected, especially the agri-food sector.

The Staffordshire Resilience Forum and Civil Contingencies Unit, a multi-agency partnership involving all the LEP area’s local authorities, is seeking information from Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent businesses on how the  various issues identified in the technical notices are likely to affect them.

The working group is seeking as full an understanding as possible of business issues as it begins the next stage of its work – preparing local contingency plans to try to mitigate any adverse effects.

All responses should be sent to

To find out more about the resilience forum visit its website Staffordshire Prepared

Ryan DakinStaffordshire LEP – Find out how Brexit may affect your business – and let us know