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International Trade Support

One of the biggest areas that will change post-transition will be how the UK trades internationally with the rest of Europe. Below is a list of areas where the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce International Trade Experts can offer their help and guidance to ensure your business maintains its vital international trading links.

Companies that trade internationally become 34% more productive in the first year alone.

Let us help to support you through every step of this fascinating journey from choosing the correct market and having the right entry strategy to completing documentation and of course ensuring you receive payment.

Our range of services are designed to support every business from the ‘first-time exporter’ to experienced international traders.


Documentation is at the very heart of international trade without it there is no contract, no transport and no payment.

Constantly changing regulations and trade procedures can make things very complicated. And in a business landscape where time is money it is crucial you get it right first time. By working with Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce you will benefit from our decades of experience in handling import and export paperwork which means less risk of customs penalties and delays.  We certify, legalise, notarise or arrange Foreign and Commonwealth Office Apostille for thousands of documents each year.

Customs Declaration Service

In August, HMRC launched the first release of its new Customs Declaration Service (CDS), which will replace the old Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system.

This new, more flexible, system will potentially reduce the number of declarations importers and exporters need to make. CDS is being introduced gradually and the timing of your move over will depend on your business needs.

Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce is working with HMRC to provide relevant information to businesses.

Please call 01782 202000 for further information.


Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce is delivering 7 internationally focused training courses. Successfully completing 6 of these dedicated courses will earn the delegate a British Chambers of Commerce accredited Foundation Award in International Trade.

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In conjunction with our export courses listed below, we specialise in delivering high quality, bespoke import and export training at your premises.

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We offer a wide range of quality Export Documentation services to businesses looking to, or already trading internationally.

Our Export Documentation team certifies and arranges legalisation of all documentation. We offer electronic, post or a counter service operation to suit your business needs.

e-z Cert is a service offered by Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce which enables exporters to process certain export documents on line. Exporters can complete Certificates of Origin, EUR1s and other vital documents using our online tools.

With e-z Cert you can easily create and upload documentation for authorisation by the Chambers of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce is in receipt of your application the moment you press the submit button and using our ‘eXpress’ service you could potentially be printing the certified documentation in your own office within an hour.

Using e-z Cert you can save time and money

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A Certificate of Originis an important international trade document which identifies the origin of goods in a particular export shipment.  Virtually every country in the world will consider the origin of the goods they import to determine what duty will be applied or, in some cases, whether the goods may be legally imported at all.

Importers usually require a Certificate of Origin to:

  • Meet customs requirements in the importing state
  • Meet ‘quota’ requirements imposed by the importing country
  • Comply with banking requirements
  • For other official and commercial reasons

Exporters can apply for a Certificate of Origin electronically through the Chamber of Commerce at

If you are exporting goods to  Arab League countries, you may be asked to provide an Arab-British Certificate of Origin. Similar to the EC Certificate of Origin, an Arab-British form is a customs clearance document required to evidence the origin of exported goods.

The official body authorising this document is the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce in London. However, we at the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce can facilitate this process for you.

Egyptian Certificates can either be certified by the Chamber Commerce or both certified and legalised by the Egyptian Chamber. Due to the possibility of consignments being held in Egyptian customs, incurring demeurage costs, we would recommend companies consider certification and legalisation by the Egyptian Chamber.

An EUR1, also known as a ‘movement certificate’, enables importers in certain countries to import goods at a reduced or nil rate of import duty under trade agreements between the EU and beneficiary countries

Comprehensive information on the rules relating to EUR1s can be found in Customs Notices 827, 828 and 832. or for further clarification and to find out which countries qualify please call..

The ATR Movement Certificate entitles all goods, with the exception of agricultural goods, minerals and steel,  which are in *free circulation within the European Union (EU) to attract preferential import duty when being shipped to Turkey. Although very similar to the EUR1 certificate, the ATR document does not have to be supported by proof of origin. Comprehensive information on ATR’s can be found in Customs Notice 812. Or for further clarification please call..

*Free circulation: duty has already been paid and goods can move freely within the EU.

Facilitate the temporary exportation of goods for up to 12 months; acting as a ‘passport’ presented at each customs post, this enables the temporary exportation of goods without having to lodge duties on deposit with overseas customs.

There are three categories of ATA Carnets

  • International trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Commercial Samples
  • Professional equipment

ATA Carnet applications can be processed electronically at www.e-zcert.comhowever not every country has signed up to the agreement or to the three categories so please callus for more information.

On 29 March 2016 the Saudi Arabian authorities introduced a requirement for ‘Business Introduction Letters’ which must be certified and accompany Business Visa applications submitted to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce is authorised to certify the document for you.

If you need any help with your Export Documentation, call our Expert Team on 01782 202222


Our core services provide everything you need to transport your goods or services across the globe.

  • International Services

    Our range of International Trade Services will support every aspect of your overseas business from Market Selection to receiving payment

  • Customs Compliance Advice

    Don’t wait for a Customs non-compliance to happen. Act now and make sure that your export/import procedures are in line with H.M. Customs regulations.

  • Export Club

    Our Export Club is there to give Chamber Members and non-Members a dedicated support line for technical queries and a host of discounts on exporting essentials

  • Translations

    Professional translations are a key element of any successful marketing strategy or detailed manuals/ instructions.

  • Department for International Trade

    At Staffordshire Chambers we work hand in hand with the Department for International Trade (DIT) helping to deliver the Exporting is Great campaign

  • Export Finance

    We work with a number of organisations who support businesses with finance and/ or foreign exchange e.g. UK Export Finance and MoneyCorp

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